Administrative Assistant

PhD Students

Julian Chibane
March'20 - x
Vladimir Guzov
February'20 - x
Verica Lazova
February'19 - x
Aymen Mir
February'20 - x
Ilya Petrov
May'21 - x
Garvita Tiwari
December'19 - x
Xiaohan Zhang
February'20 - x
Keyang Zhou
November'20 - x

Master Students and Research Immersion Lab

Zhou Liao
April'19 - August'19
Sai Mitheran
June'21 - x
Chaitanya Patel
May'19 - October'19
Shuo Wen
June'21 - x

Graduated PhD students

Thiemo Alldieck
2020: Co-supervised PhD with M. Magnor, TU-Braunschweig.
Summa Cum Laude
Now at Google Zurich
Timo von Marcard
2019: Co-supervised PhD with B. Rosenhahn, University of Hannover. Summa Cum Laude .
Now at Simi